Saturday, 6 September 2008

Power Consumption of Computer Equipment and Household Appliances

Here is a list of the power consumed by random computer equipment and appliances littering the house:

AG Neovo F-419 19" LCD
30 W
Netgear Gigabit Switch
6 W
Vigor 2800 Router
10 W
IBM X60 power supplydisconnected2 W
IBM X60 Tabletcharging35 W

booting60 W

idle20 W

80% CPU35 W

standby3 W
VT520 terminal
30 W
Core 2 Duo 1.6Gz/3HD Server
100 W
HP ZX6000 2xItanium Workstation
370 W
Cambridge Audio Subwoofernormal15 W
Cambridge Audio Ampnormal30-40 W
Arcam Alpha 9 Ampquiet to loud20-65 W
Sky+standby18 W

on22 W
Playstation 3standby4 W

idle110 W

in game135 W
2500 W
1550 W
Panasonic 50" Plasmastandby4 W

on300-500 W
Dell 37" LCD TVstandby3 W

on180 W
Bedside light
20 W
VAXstation 4000/VLC
45 W
VAXstation 4000/90
106 W
DEC 3000/600 AXP
225 W
AlphaServer 300 4/266
100 W
Digital 21" monitor
110 W
DS10L Alpha 1U Rackmount
176 W
Quad Core 2 4GB Linux Server
110 W
DECserver 90TL
10 W
CentreCOM MR820TR Router
10 W

Notes: most appliances seem to consume about 4 watts on standby. Power adapters that are plugged in but not connected to anything still draw about 2 W. The X60 provides a very good performance to power consumption ratio! The ZX6000 workstation doesn't!

Preconceptions: I thought the audio amp and subwoofer would use much more electricity. Clearly, they use more the louder the sound output but the average consumption will remain low.


dale said...

Thank god I don't have a toaster!